Information Science & Technology (IS&T) Colloquium Series

2015 NASA Goddard IS&T Colloquia Lecture Series

Please join us to congratulate Ted Schultz
2015 recipient of the Excellence in Information Science and Technology Award

Vinton Cerf

Looking towards the future of the evolving Internet

Building 3 Auditorium
3:30 PM
(Reception to follow)

May 26, 2015

*** NOTE Special Day and Time ***
Tuesday, 3:30 PM

In this talk I will briefly sketch milestones of Internet's development and then explore the evolutionary paths the Internet seems to be taking. The relevance of the Internet of Things to space exploration will be covered as will the critical importance of long-term preservation of the software and the accumulated scientific data and telemetry from space missions.

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Information Science & Technology Colloquium Series
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