Spring 2019 - Andy Johnson


Dr. Andy JohnsonDr Andy  Johnson

Immersed in Analytics 

While a good deal of science is still done individually, sometimes your laptop, and your notebook, and your desk just aren’t big enough, and you need to take over a conference room table or a large whiteboard to spread out your data and your thoughts, shift them around, share them with your colleagues, and get feedback. Today with many of these physical artifacts being replaced by digital ones, these large shared physical spaces are being augmented with displays, and large high-resolution human-scale displays are becoming more common as the cost of the display, computation, and network components decreases, giving scientists more options for seeing more detailed visualizations, juxtaposing multiple visualizations, and integrating heterogeneous visualizations. These displays can give more space for collaborating disciplines to see their data in familiar ways, whether that is text, tables, images, shared laptop screens, portals, virtual notebooks, animations, or fully 3D interactive environments, to help get their hypotheses out of their heads and onto public screens where they can be discussed with others. They can give data enough room to keep outliers and alternative explanations visible and avoid focusing too quickly. They allow people to be embodied and immersed in their data and their analysis with their collaborators, using their entire body. This presentation will discuss the work that the Electronic Visualization Laboratory (EVL) has been doing in this area since the early 90s, including the creation of new large spaces like CAVE2 and Continuum, new software middleware such as SAGE, and new ways of driving these spaces through virtualized and composable infrastructure, to take advantage of this way of working.


IS&T Colloquium Committee Host:Helen-Nicole Kostis

Sign language interpreter upon request: GSFC-Disability-Programs@mail.nasa.gov or (301) 286-7348.

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Date of Event: 
May 29, 2019 - 11:00am to 12:00pm
Goddard/ B3 Auditorium
(Cookies available at 10:30 AM)