Welcome to the Quantum Revolution – From Quantum Computing to Quantum Sensors

Bo Ewald

CEO, ColdQuanta

Bo Ewald - prior to becoming Coldquanta’s CEO Bo was President of D-Wave Systems and a  founding  member  of the Quantum Industry Coalition.  He served as the CEO of SGI, and President of Cray Research, he started his career at Los Alamos National Laboratory as Director of the Computing and Communications Division, he has served on many government and industrial committees, including the President’s Information Technology Advisory Committee. He has served on the board of directors of both private and public companies.

Bo Ewald Bio Photo

ColdQuanta’s CEO Bo Ewald will share a historical perspective on the evolution of the quantum revolution.  He will discuss the wide range of quantum systems spanning computing, global positioning, signal processing, and communications and explore how these systems are developing around the world and the application potential for each type of system.  Bo will then discuss the importance of shifting to these quantum systems and how consumers will benefit from their use.

We're Making Quantum Matter | ColdQuanta

Wednesday, March 17, 2021, 11am-12pm EST
This seminar can be viewed remotely via Microsoft Teams: Join here

Presentation located here. Recorded session is available through the Goddard Library

IS&T Colloquium Committee Host: Daniel Duffy