IS&T Colloquium Committee Members


Troy Ames
Science Data Processing
Code 587

Patrick Coronado
Information Science and Technology Research Group
Code 606.3

John Donohue
Software Engineering Division
Code 580

J. Anthony Gualtieri
Computational & Information Sciences and Technology Office

Milt Halem
NASA Goddard Space Flight Center

Matt Dosberg
Information Technology and Communications Directorate (Chair)
Code 730

Dan Duffy
Computational & Information Science and Technology Office
Code 606

Ben Kobler
Science Data Systems

Helen-Nicole Kostis
Scientific Visualization Studio
Code 606.4

Jacqueline Le Moigne
Software Engineering Division
Code 580

Chris Lynnes
Earth-Sun Exploration Division
Code 610.2

Edward Masuoka
Terrestrial Information Systems Branch
Code 614.5

Nargess Memarsadeghi
Science Data Processing
Code 587

Horace Mitchell
Software Integration and Visualization Office
Code 610.3

Carey Noll
Solar System Exploration Data Services Office
Code 690.1

Jon Verville
Computing Environments and Collaborative Technologies Branch
Code 585