Azure OpenAI ChatGPT 101: Decoding AI Fundamentals and Practical Applications

During this session we will explore Azure OpenAI, the enterprise-grade cloud service that is based on GPT models. Specifically, we will discuss the key concepts such as GPT and Foundation Models to demystify the technical jargon to give you a clear understanding of how these AI tools function. Additionally, we will also touch on important topics such as data security and privacy within the Azure OpenAI framework. Finally, we'll discuss real-world use cases, providing you with tangible examples of how, when and where you can effectively take advantage of Azure OpenAI to advance your missions.

Wednesday, May 31, 2023, 11am-12pm EST

This seminar can be viewed remotely via Microsoft Teams: Join here

IS&T Colloquium Committee Host: Matt Dosberg

Recording available via NASA MS Stream.

Kevin Tupper
Microsoft Federal
Cloud Solution Architect – Data & AI

Kevin Tupper is an experienced technologist committed to using technology to make a positive impact on businesses and civil government. Throughout his career, he has helped organizations adopt technology to achieve their goals. Now, Kevin is focused on supporting the federal civilian government in the same way.

Kevin's background includes working with a variety of organizations, from small startups to large federal agencies. His work has helped millions of golfers reserve tee times and track their handicaps, and he has also assisted hundreds of companies in making better decisions through easy-to-use analytics tools that provide insights into their communication services and asset lifecycles.

Before taking on his current role, Kevin was an AI Ambassador and Data and AI Architect at Microsoft. Now, he leads a skilled team of Cloud Solution Architects. With strong ties to Microsoft engineering and a wealth of combined experience, this team provides secure, reliable, scalable, and cost-effective cloud solutions. Using agile processes, they help Microsoft's federal customers quickly move from idea to solution, unlocking the full potential of cloud technology for their missions.

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