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Jon "Maddog" HallJon "Maddog" Hall
Programming for the 21st Century: Back to the Future
Wednesday, October 15, 2003
Building 3 Auditorium - 3:30PM

(Refreshments at 3:00 PM)

Jon "Maddog" Hall will talk about Programming for the 21st Century: Back to the Future. It is not by accident that memory sizes and CPU needs increase without bounds. In the days of sailing ships, problems were a lot less complex and needed a lot less data to be useful. We had more time to come up with an answer. Our problems not only get larger (not "weather" but "climate") and finer-grained (not "over there" but "over here"), but also more time sensitive (not "in a month" but "in two hours").

In this presentation, Maddog will look at programming techniques that have been around for years, but become more practical with the advent of Beowulf systems and Superclusters. He will also suggest issues surrounding the future of using superclusters and ways of solving them.

Jon "Maddog" Hall is the Executive Director of Linux International, the non-profit association of user groups, corporations, and other interested parties that promotes the development of Linux.

Jon has been in the computer industry since 1969, using Unix since 1977, and Linux since 1994.

He has been a software engineer, systems administrator, product manager, market manager, and professional educator. Jon has been the Executive Director of Linux International since 1995, the first four years as a volunteer. Jon has been employed by VA Linux systems, Compaq Computer Corporation in the Digital UNIX Marketing group and Bell Laboratories among other companies.

Before that he was Department Head of Computer Science at Hartford State Technical College, where his students lovingly (he hopes) gave him the nickname Maddog. Maddog, as he prefers to be called, has an MS in Computer Science from RPI (1997) and a BS in Commerce and Engineering from Drexel University (1973).


IS&T Colloquium Committee Host: Karen Moe