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Yelena YeshaYelena Yesha

An overview of the Center for Hybrid Multicore Productivity Research (CHMPR) at UMBC

Wednesday, December 3, 2014
Building 3 Aud 11:00 AM
(Coffee and cookies at 10:30 AM)

The Center for Hybrid Multicore Productivity (CHMPR) has been a part of the National Science Foundation (NSF) Industry & University Cooperative Research Center (I/UCRC) Program since 2009. Currently, CHMPR has two university partners (University of Maryland Baltimore County and University of California San Diego), six government and nine industry members, as well as scientists and students (graduate and undergraduate) who are working with scientists to conduct their research. CHMPR's research is focused on addressing productivity, performance, and scalability issues in meeting the insatiable computational demands of its members' applications through the continuous evolution of multicore architectures and open source tools.
IS&T Colloquium Committee Host: Jacqueline LeMoigne

Sign language interpreter upon request: 301-286-7040